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Ever wonder what the best snacks at the Animal Kingdom are? Well, we’ve got your back. Here’s the latest and supreme snackage at DAK.


Mac and Cheese Lovers?

My favorite food, of all time, without question, is macaroni and cheese. I have always felt this comfort food was lacking around property. NOT ANYMORE!

We splurged here and got both the Baked Macaroni and Cheese served with Pulled Pork ($6.29) AND the Baked Macaroni and Cheese served with Shrimp and Sweet Chili Sauce ($6.49). The Eight Spoon Café delivered a world of flavor I was not expecting. Both dishes were INCREDIBLE. The pulled pork was full of BBQ dreams, and the sweet chili was an unexpected compliment to the shrimp!


Bread is NOT the enemy!

Was a busy food day for us, because as soon as we finished our Mac and Cheese we continued on our carb binge and got two open-faced sandwiches from The Smiling Crocodile. Both the Salmon BLT ($5.49) and the Pimento Cheese BLT ($5.29) were bangin’. Like seriously, who knew Disney had it in them? The runaway star of both dishes was the thick-cut, smoked, house-roasted bacon. Holy. Moly.


Side of Fries and a Drink Please

To round out our afternoon we stopped by Mr. Kamal’s to try his seasoned fries before heading to Pandora. The fries were PERFECTLY seasoned and joined by a delicious Tzatziki Salad and a Sriracha Ketchup ($5.29). To quench our thirst after such a hot dish (not that hot though), we treated ourselves to the Night Blossom drink in Pandora. What a treat. If you haven’t had it yet. Go. Now.

Finally, Pandora is a spectacle all on it’s own. Arguably the most immersive experience at all of Walt Disney World, and a huge part of that is the food and beverage throughout the area. Well, that rounds out or top snacks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Do you have others that we’ve missed? Hit us up in the comments with suggestions for what we should try next!

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