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Cody here. This morning I went to Roaring Forks at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge with Lex for breakfast. It’s one of their quick services that has been newly concepted, and brings the resort in to 2017 nicely. I knew the menu there was great when they announced it, but I truly wasn’t ready for the meal I had coming in my direction.

The price point of every thing, as you can see is about $9, right on point with other quick services.

Check out my quick little vlog below for my full review of all of the food individually, and see my rating at the end. I tried to make this as short as possible for every one involved!

SOOOO yeah final verdict was a solid 5/5 Cody T heads, the highest of honors. FOR A QUICK SERVICE this was as good as it gets. Here’s a look at some stills of the food if you didn’t want to watch the video!

Banana’s Foster French Toast – Presentation left room for improvement, but it was actually great!

10 Hour Pulled Pork Cheese Grits – Topped with a BASTED EGG. AT A QUICK SERVICE. These we’re smashing, best pulled pork I’ve had on property, not the gross stuff they use for sandwiches in other places.

Breakfast Flatbread – Surprisingly good. I was afraid it would be plain and blah, but using sausage gravy as the base sauce was clutch, and made the whole thing delicious.


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