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5 Things We Want to Replace Stitch's Great Escape in Magic Kingdom

You know it. You’ve seen it. You’ve been in it. And you know…it is TIME FOR IT TO GO!!! That’s right for better or wor…no just better, we think it’s about time Stitch’s Great Escape cross over that pasture to a better place.
The attraction opened up November 16th 2014, directly replacing the attraction we WISH we could have experienced, ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. It currently operates seasonally, and sometimes they use Stitch’s 1st queue line to house meet and greets. While there have been rumors closing this permanently and erecting a new attraction in it’s theater, nothing is confirmed.
So why not start some rumors???? jk but I obviously have been thinking about some cool IP’s that could take the blue gremlins spot.

John Progress and the Progress family Meet and Greet

I figured best to get this out of the way immediately. It’s realistically our most off the wall insane idea, but given how horrible 2020 is going, our best path to happiness. Ladies want him. Men want to BE him. Rover loves him. A true man of mystery, John Progress. Why are we still not able to take pictures with Tomorrowland's most charismatic and iconic character? Somethings not clicking boo. I would also like to wear grandmas virtual reality set and hard-style with my boys next to Uncle Orville in the tub. That would be tight as heck and you can’t really convince me otherwise. If I have to actually assign some sort of reality here….I GUESS the backdrop could like…rotate through the decades like on the ride or whatever. Also- Sarsaparillas in the gift shop. You are welcome Disney cut me a check at any time.

Wreck-It Ralph

Okay, just because low-hanging fruit is there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab it. There have been plenty of rumors about this alleged VR attraction that would come complete with video game controllers in every seat for have guests be interactive in what plays out in the room. With Ralph Breaks the Internet taking place in…well, the Internet, it would be a pretty seamless build into Tomorrowland. Ralph was responsible for one of Disneys most viral moments, and possibly one of the most viral sensations of 2019, the Oh My Disney Princess scene. We remember, all the princesses in one room talking about what really makes them who they are. While I wouldn’t expect to see that, since they’re all digital avatars of their movie counterparts, WHAT IF that scene could be built into the queue. It would be an Instagram gold mine, and as shareable as the scene for the movie itself.Maybe Gal Gadots voice making a theme park debut? There are endless things this attraction could center around: Sugar Rush, the kitty and bunny game, Slaughter Race, or maybe a journey through all the games in Litwaks that hang out in Game Central Station.

Big Hero 6

It is a CRIME that I even have to say this and that it hasn’t happened already. We don’t even need a reinvention of the proverbial attraction wheel here. LET US FLY ON BAYMAX THROUGH THE SKIES OF SANFRANSOKYO. Soarin’ Over California WHO??? Think about all the amazing movie elements that could be incorporated in to different parts of this. Aunt Cass’ cafe and Mochi MERCH, the illegal bot fights, video calling with the whole team!!!! LIFE SIZE BAYMAX ARMOR!!! COME ON! We’ll even accept it being a remote extension of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

Given that BH6 debuted in 2014 and was followed up with a series on Disney XD, running successfully having just been renewed for it’s 3rd season, it’s hard to say whether or not Disney would invest in reintroducing this property to it’s American parks (Japan was set to debut The Happy Ride with Baymax April 20th of this year). Even with the series performing so well, there isn’t any less desire for a big screen sequel in addition, AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD A BAYMAX FLIGHT EXPERIENCE.

Meet the Robinsons

Another one IP that is paid DUST in our current parks. Referring back to low hanging fruit, Meet the Robinsons features the ultimate Tomorrowland easter egg, by presenting the Todayland sign with none other than Starport from Space Mountain just behind it.
Attraction ideas I will accept if not another “flight around” type adventure:
-A museum walk through of Lewis Robinsons inventions and innovations
-A sit-down drive-through of the Robinsons future house seeing all of the characters in action. Like the frogs. I want the singing frogs.
-An insanely Banana-On-The-Wall-Art moment where disney just spray paints this quote from Walt and the end of the movie on the wall: "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious ... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” You are forced to stare at it in silence for 9 minutes, then you can leave. No pictures.

An Original Concept

I don’t have much to offer in this department but what. if…we as a society all agreed we’re able to digest more than just familiar IP’s and Disney listened and wrote us something brand new :-) A fully original theme park exclusive IP. As of now, there’s still such a wonderful amount of original around the parks, but a staggeringly low amount of new IP’s being created FOR the parks that were originally purposed to pour into the parks larger concepts and use of imagination. Can’t we get the writers of Onward to give Mr. Tom Morrow a compelling adventure story for us to learn about? A futuristic junkyard of unfinished Tomorrowland Tech that turned itself in to a future garbage band that plays Disney covers of the future?? I’m just spit balling here but I know someone has an idea worth rolling the dice on. It would be huge with how infrequently new original IP is produced.
Well ladies and lads, I applaud you for some how making it through my awesome article about what I think should replace Stitch’s Great Escape. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Disney opens up a whole new land or park to give all of these excellent ideas a place to shine. Just kidding except for the J.P. meet and greet.
Don’t forget you can still meet Stitch and Lilo at their ‘Ohana Breakfast Meet and Greet and wear our awesome new 626 Surf Shop tee while you’re there!!! CHAT SOON XOXO CODY T