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Baymax Helps Launchpad McQuack in the Latest Short From Disney Channel's Random Rings Series

Disney Channel has released the first-ever Baymax and Launchpad McQuack crossover short on Youtube, as part of Disney Channel's Random Rings short series. The two iconic characters from Ducktales and Big Hero 6 The Series join forces via phone while Launchpad tries to order pizza. Check it out below:

The two icons are largely the comic relief in their respective shows and worlds, which makes for a classic short that we didn't know we needed until now.

The short was shared exclusively with Screen Rant and the video is currently upload as unlisted on YouTube.

"The short does not explain just how Launchpad was able to brook the digital divide between the worlds of DuckTales and Big Hero 6 The Series.It's possible that Launchpad's plane is equipped with an extremely powerful phone, most likely built by ace inventor Gyro Gearloose. Of course if there was anyone in the Disney multiverse who could find a away to accidentally call another dimension while trying to order a pizza, it would be Launchpad McQuack." Said Screen Rant.

We hope this is the first of many crossover shorts and episodes between some of our favorite Disney Channel characters. The highly anticipated BUNK'D and Raven's Home crossover episode 'Raven About BUNK'D'premiers July 24th on Disney Channel, which is the next crossover to feature some iconic Disney Channel stars.