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Beaches and Cream Soda Shop has Officially Re-Opened at Disney's Beach Club Resort!

Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney's Beach Club Resort is an all-time classic. Throughout 2019, the infamous restaurant has been closed for a lengthy refurbishment. Today, we're SO excited to announce that the restaurant has re-opened (in a soft opening phase), just in time for Christmas!

The restaurant looks more or less the same on the outside, with the exception of the to-go window which is now located completely outside the building, just off to the right.

The to-go window features milkshakes, beer, wine, and other ice cream creations, all to-go.


The remodeled interior looks clean and stylish, while still upholding that classic soda shop vibe. The bar seating area now wraps around two sides of the restaurant, and overall offers a much larger seating area capable of holding almost three times the venue's original capacity.

They even included charging ports under the bar!

We're pleased to announce the original jukebox has made a return in the new restaurant!

The art around the interior is simply fantastic. All of it features Disney characters with iconic elements of the Beach Club resort. Mickey and Minnie are featured with the famous lobby caricature artist, Goofy poses with the Beaches and Cream Juke Box, and Donald and the gang pose at the bar with large ice cream sundae.

Additionally, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are portrayed sitting in the classic car out front in the parking area of the Beach Club!


Similar to the interior refurbishment, the Beaches and Cream Menu was also revamped with an all-new Storm Along Shake, French Dip Sandwich, Beaches and Cream Grilled Cheese, and Salmon Sandwich, and Plant-Based Bowl of Chili.


While some favorites such as the Kitchen Sink and patty melt returned to the menu, we wanted to try some of the brand new options.

Cookie Fried with Dipping Sauces - $8

Because we're full-grown adults, we started with dessert. The cookie fries were 100% vegan and came with a pairing of chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream, and strawberry sauce (which are also all vegan). The cookies were fresh and tasted almost exactly like cookie dough. They were crunchy and really did resemble a cookie fry. The dips added a ton of flavor and combining the chocolate sauce with the marshmallow created a fourth delicious dip. This is an absolute must while visiting Beaches and Cream!

Beaches and Cream Grilled Cheese - $13

Up next was the grilled cheese and while this is a very basic dish, it didn't disappoint at all. The grilled cheese is served with a creamy bowl of tomato soup and you also have the choice of adding bacon or ham for an additional $5 each. We recommend adding a protein to the sandwich if it will be your only entree, as it can be a smaller sized portion otherwise. The soup is an excellent side and if you dip your sandwich in, makes for a perfect pairing. The cheese packed a ton of flavor and the Texas toast style bread was fresh and held the plate together well. If you're looking to play it safe and go with something simple, I highly recommend going for the grilled cheese with an added protein.

French Dip Sandwich - $17

The French Dip was another winner on the table. The bread held the sandwich together perfectly and didn't absorb the au jus as many sourdough rolls do. The famous steak fries made a grand return and held their glorious taste. The roast beef was fresh and warm and melted the Swiss cheese well. Finally, the fried onion strings on top added a unique element to the sandwich and made for a unique texture. This is another highly recommended dish for anyone coming to Beaches and Cream.

Plant-Based Bowl of Chili - $9

Of everything we got today, the plant-based chili was the overall winner. The entire dish was plant-based including the cheese and sour cream. It was warm and had a pretty spicy kick to it which we all loved. There were a lot of great vegetables in the dish, and we truly thought it was superior to regular chili.

Storm Along Shake - $15

For our second dessert course, we went for the new Storm Along Shake. Named after the Resort's Storm Along Bay, this dessert came with a blue cotton candy flavored shake, topped with a lifesaver doughnut. The desert was tasty and very "beach" flavored and themed. Cody best described it as a fruity pebbles flavored milkshake. The doughnut tasted like a Krispy Kreme doughnut topped with jelly to make it look like a life ring. We always recommend the Kitchen Sink, but we'd go with this as a second choice too.

Overall Beaches and Cream seems to be back and better than ever. The new restaurant holds up a classy, beach-like vibe while allowing for higher capacity and a little more room to move around. The service was top notch and the food was impressive and worth returning for!

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