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Grand Floridian Walkway Opens Connecting The Resort to Magic Kingdom

The Grand Floridan walkway has finally opened after a lengthy construction process. The new walkway connects the Grand Floridian Resort to the Magic Kingdom, which ultimately allows guests to walk from the Transportation Ticket Center, Polynesian Resort, Grand Floridan Resort, and Magic Kingdom with ease. We headed out today to give it a try, check out our complete walkthrough video below!

Coming from Magic Kingdom, the entrance to the walkway is located toward the Resort Boat Launch Area. You'll need to walk up the side of the dock to access the walkway. New walls and light posts have been set up along the entrance, so look for those when heading to the walkway.

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Once you get to the actual walkway, it opens up much wider to allow pedestrian traffic from both ways to flow. The fencing on the right side also ends, and a wall separating the lake and the path begins.

The walkway itself turns from the maroon Magic Kingdom color to a regular tan colored walkway. Lights line the entire length of the path so it will always remain lit and safe at night.

Theres also a small cul de sac just outside the Magic Kingdom entrance for people to sit and take in the gorgeous views of the Seven Seas Lagoon.

A number of plants and Florida-Native trees line the length of the walkway which adds to the reality fantastic scenery. The walk is incredibly enjoyable on a beautiful Florida day.

About midway though, there's a service entrance for Cast Member use. It was interesting that there was a beam in place to keep large trucks from entering. Obviously, this is NOT for guest use.

Remember to always wave to the passing monorails.

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Trees scatter the walkway and make for some much needed shade. It also makes for some pretty pictures of the lake.

The main bridge passes over the service dock where the Electrical Water Pageant is housed. It isn't very long and isn't high off the water at all.

Theres a gate set up on the side closest to Grand Floridan that can be closed to shut down the walkway. The walkway will be open an hour before and after park open and closed, and these gates will be locked before and after that.

Just before we arrive at the Grand Floridan, we reach a fork in the road. One side leads to a dirt path for service vehicles, and the other side leads to the Grand Floridian Bridge.

This bridge is made of white metal and is raised much higher than the first bridge. Themed lamp posts also line the bridge to keep it lit.

As we get closer to Grand Floridan, themed trash cans begin to appear. The lamp posts also change to better fit the theme.

As we approach the resort, the walkway narrows and we enter by a loading dock.

You ultimately end up just outside Gasparilla Island Grill and the Grand Floridan boat launch. This is also where the Magic Kingdom walkway starts from Grand Floridan.

If you're coming from the Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom, you'll begin with a fork in the road with your choice of the walkway, or the Grand Floridian Convention Center.

The entire walk from the Magic Kingdom gate to Gasparilla Island Grill takes *about* 12-13 minutes to walk without stopping to enjoy the view (which I highly recommend). This will help considerably as the parks begin to open back up and gain higher capacity. The resort monorail line can back up often and it will be nice to have the option for a pleasant walk back to the resort instead.

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