Walt Disney World Annual Pass Prices Increased Overnight

Per the Walt Disney World Annual Pass Holder website, Disney World annual pass prices have increased yet again overnight. We are used to seeing this happen at least annually at this point, and it appears it has happened again. The new prices increases are listed as follows:

Disney Platinum Plus Pass - Increased from $1219 to $1295 (+$76)

Disney Platinum Pass - Increased from $1119 to $1195 (+$76)

Disney Gold Pass - Increased from $699 to $719 (+$20)

Disney Silver Pass - Increased from $519 to $539 (+$20)

Disney Theme Park Select Pass (FL Resident Only) - No Increase, $439

Disney Weekday Select Pass (FL Resident Only) - Increased from $349 to $369 (+$20)

EPCOT After 4 Pass (FL Resident Only) - Increased from $309 to $319 (+$10)

Water Parks Annual Pass - No Increase, $139

Waterparks After 2 Annual Pass (FL Resident Only Pass) - No Increase, $89

Note that the Disney Premier Passport (access to both Disneyland and Disney World) increased from $2,099 to $2,199 (+$100).

Also note that the Florida Resident rates from both the Disney Platinum Plus Pass ($999) and Disney Platinum Pass ($899) stayed them same, however, guests purchasing a annual pass at the Florida Resident Rate, and wish to opt for the monthly payment program are required to pay a $159 down payment.

What do you think of these Annual Pass price increases? Is an annual pass getting too expensive for the average consumer? Is it already there? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I’ve been getting an annual pass from Virginia cause we’ve been averaging more than 2 weeks a year but at this rate there trying to get rid of us I guess…

    Kenny Ray
  • Aren’t the Gold and Silver Passes also just Florida Resident only? I would definitely get one of those if I could but for out of staters we can only get the platinum or platinum plus :(

    Lauralee Stewart
  • That’s why I make sure all my kids work for the mouse 😀

    Joe Bettis

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