The Lost Bro.’s started as our way to express our style and interests with out compromise. We were two avid park goers who wanted to start documenting our adventures, sharing our tips for the parks, and connecting with people who shared our passion for the magic. Designing our own clothing for the parks that we loved and felt were culturally relevant seemed like the logical first step.

Cody Tapoler
Creative Director

What up!! I’m Cody T! I’m 25 and love spending most of my week at the parks, and thinking up new ideas and products for the shop. I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. Up until Lost Bro.’s, I was a touring pop/hip hop artist. I still work on music constantly, but am really liking being home and hitting the parks hard with Colton. We grew up on Disney movies and have matching Peter Pan tattoos. Spending the last year with my brother, making our dreams come true, and creating so many things that so many people love has been the highlight of my life. I love meeting up with people in the parks and I’m always on social media, so hit me up any time!

The Lost Bros - Witches Jersey Sanderson Sisters Colton

Colton Tapoler
Brand Manager

Hey there, I’m Colton, the older brother (even though Cody looks older and pretty much everyone reminds me of it every chance they get). I’m 26, I live in a small town just north of Orlando, and I spend most of my time reading (huge lit-nerd), watching Netflix (binge-watching professional), and traveling all over the world (because why not?). I’m a few months shy of my doctorate in Educational Leadership, and cannot wait to stop being a student for the first time in my life! It’ll leave me so much more time to be at the parks with all of you! Find me on social media and say hi ☺.