We chimed in with haven’t you people ever heard of Lost Bros Emo Week?! That’s right! We are back with Emo Week Part 2!


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The Lost Bros: Beginnings

The Lost Bros began in 2016 with just two brothers and a big dream. That dream was to create a business fueled by magic and hope—faith, trust, and pixie dust.

From humble beginnings, designing and shipping shirts out of a spare bedroom, to the magical multilayered operation they’ve become today—The Lost Bros story is full of imagination, determination, and of course—magic. Lots and lots of magic.

The Lost Bros Origin

When Cody had the idea to start a theme park + pop culture t-shirt biz—he called his actual brother, Colton, to tell him all about it. Being the mature and wise older brother, Colton thought Cody might be a lil’ bit crazy. But—he also knew that Cody’s imaginative creativity and super-strong will, combined with his own sharp wit just might make this totally insane idea actually work somehow.

Doe-eyed and full of so much hope—the bros jumped all in. Lex came along just a few months later, rolled up her sleeves, and got to work. Her creative drive and determination perfectly complimented the Bros. Balancing day jobs with folding matching vacation shirts late into the night—those early days were definitely a hustle. But the memories left behind are nothing short of pure wonder and enchantment.

What happened next was beyond their wildest dreams. They discovered an entire community of dreamers waiting for them. Awestruck and inspired—they made it their mission to spread happiness around the world through magic, imagination, and pop culture-inspired theme park merch!

The Lost Bros continue to expand and evolve along with their community of faithful fans.

Together, these friends create magic and inspiration in every single thing they touch and they won’t stop until they’ve reached the world.

And now you’re part of the story!

Stick around. It just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

Meet the Bros

Cody Tapoler

CEO + Creative Director + Brand Manager + Professional Dreamer + Musician

Favorite Disney Characters: Scrooge McDuck, Hiro Hamada

Favorite Park Snack: The ever-elusive Cream Cheese Pretzel

Cody is basically in charge of spinning all the plates at The Lost Bros headquarters. He also heads the creative team—dreaming up new design ideas and making all the music. He is driven and endlessly imaginative which makes him virtually unstoppable. A true visionary—he’s not afraid to take risks or make mistakes if it means making his wildest dreams a reality. Super passionate about loving his friends, the culture of food, and his strong tequila game—Cody definitely knows how to have a good time—but also makes it a priority to nurture his brain, body, and spirit, keeping himself healthy and balanced.


Lex Gilman

Creative Director + Head of Purchasing + Staff Coordinator

Favorite Disney Characters: Tinkerbell

Favorite Park Snack: Cheeseburger Spring Rolls in Adventureland

Lex wears a few different hats at The Lost Bros—from placing all the orders with manufacturers and designers to ensuring the staff is happy and efficient to conceiving new t-shirt designs—she is a determined and innovative member of the team. Lex instills kindness and caring into The Lost Bros environment with her optimistic nature and innate ability to empathize. She is also a very proud mom to twin boys that light up her entire world.