Are you ready for a Lost Bros Restock Monday?! Some of our favorites are back!


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The Lost Bros Project

This is our playground. Creating music gives us the chance to let go and let the creativity just flow—without the overthinking and expectations—literally for the actual fun of it.

In the studio or on stage—we’re just tryna have a blast and channel that feeling straight through to our fans!

The lost bros ep album now available

The Lost Bros are all about magic and adventure. Our music is a celebration of everything you can accomplish by working hard and doing what you love. Making big memories out of magical moments.

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Under the sea

Is this even real life? Because we must be dreaming.

A S U P E R magical night on the Grand One Yacht with our faves—

Happily Ever After Nighttime Spectacular + Pizza and Champagne Service.

This enchanted evening is the ultimate backdrop for our breezy pop cover of this classic underwater tune.

Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there. Trust me.

Oh boy!

Official Lost Bros theme song! THIS is what we’re all about right here.

Our original song matched with a perfect day in the park makes this music video a whole mood. Get lost in all the magical warm and fuzzy feels.

Oh Boy!, Oh Boy!, Oh Boy!
Can you feel it in the air?

Oh Boy!, Oh Boy!, Oh Boy!
There’s magic everywhere!

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

We had big plans—then 2020 happened. Lol.

This quarantine era production pushed our team to get extra creative. We powered through and ended up with a pretty killer final cut.

Tomorrow’s just a dream away—right?

You’ll pick up some major Carousel of Progress vibes in our punk-pop rendition of this classic attraction theme song.

Also—that dog!!!