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Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Disney’s Coronado Springs is OFFICIALLY OPEN and in true Lost Bro.’s fashion.. we really got nearly one of everything on the menu!

Braised Pork Tacos

We started off the night with an order of the Braised Pork Tacos! They come with radish and carrot slaw, salsa verde, and Cojita cheese served with your choice of smoked paprika fries or fruit. Although we definitely let the tacos sit too long and the tortillas got a little bit soggy, the flavors were still amazing!

Warm Manchego and Oaxaca Cheese Dip

Next up, we have the new best dip on property -- the Warm Manchego and Oaxaca Cheese Dip. If you saw our review of Geyser Point, then you know that the Barbecue Brisket Dip they have there has always been our favorite, but this one definitely blows that out of the water! It has chorizo & poblano peppers mixed in with the cheese dip and is served with a side of tortilla chips making it truly the ultimate dip!

Szechuan Peppercorn Wings

We also got an order of the Szechuan Peppercorn Wings that have a super fire soy-ginger sauce on them. They were grilled to perfection and packed a bunch of really great flavor!

Crispy Chicken Biscuit Sliders

Next we have perhaps one of the best sliders on property -- the Crispy Chicken Biscuit Sliders. They have a hot honey on them as well as blue cheese and a creamy slaw served with your choice of smoked paprika fries or fruit. As someone who absolutely hates blue cheese, I can honestly say that this was outstanding! The combination of every single flavor was truly out of this world and I'd come back again just for these!

Fried Shrimp Corn Dogs

You read that right, fried.. shrimp.. corn dogs! I haven't really seen anything like this before, but I really really enjoyed it! It comes with a tomato aïoli, but Lex asked for a side of the lemon aïoli that comes with the burger that they offer and it was honestly a game changer! It's super fresh & light and pairs perfectly with the corn dog.

Grilled Skirt Steak

Grilled baguette, skirt steak, pepper relish, and a 63° egg make this steak sandwich unlike any other. The egg is most perfectly cooked egg there is and and skirt steak has an insane amount of flavor. They accidentally also brought out the Villa del Lago salad for us and even though it has some of the same flavors and uses the same steak, we definitely prefer the sandwich over the salad any day.

Stuffed Mushrooms

We've said it once and we'll say it again, Lex & I hate mushrooms yet somehow always end up ordering them. These are plant based chorizo stuffed mushrooms and although I really enjoyed them, they were definitely a bit too mushroomy for Lex.

Warm Churros

Vanilla Custard Mickey Tart

For dessert we tried both options, the churros & the Mickey tart, and although both were amazing we definitely love the Vanilla Custard Mickey Tart the most. It comes with compressed pineapple, tropical sorbet, and coconut sand making it one of the most perfect tropical desserts ever! Plus it's Mickey shaped so it really couldn't be better!


I kid you not, nearly EVERYTHING was perfect! The Crispy Chicken Sliders and the Warm Cheese Dip were definitely the highlights here, but we've also heard nothing but amazing things about their sangria options that they have. If you love lounge/bar style food, then you need to try this!