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Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Bluey


This Australian puppy and her family have literally taken the world by storm. So, in line with the Bluey hype, we’re diving into a Bluey Iceberg unlike any you’ve seen before.

Aw, biscuits, here we go.


Is Bluey A Boy Or A Girl?

Bluey and Bingo, while not typically in stereotypical “girlie” colors, are Girl Dogs! Many of the scenes we see Bluey and Bingo playing with toys of all different backgrounds and engaging in self-directed play that isn’t limited to typical girl toys.


Who Voices Bluey?

Everyone is curious as to who voices Bluey and her little sister Bingo,but publicly she remains a mystery. Our favorite little puppy is voiced by a child actor, uncredited in her line of work to protect her privacy. Series Creator Joe Brumm has confirmed that many of the voice actors are children of the production crew, however.  


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Is Bluey A Family Show?

Bluey, while marketed as a kids show, has valuable lessons that transcend just for kids. This Show has been a family affair for creator Joe Crumm, as many of the characters are inspired by (and voiced by) members of his own family! Kiddos can laugh at the antics of the playful dogs, while parents (and childless adults like myself) can enjoy a story or two and learn about the importance of how we communicate with kids as they develop!

Plus, the show is heartfelt as all get out, and I find myself (yes, a childless 25 year old) laughing, crying, and rooting for this entire family.

Is Buey For Dogs?

Funny enough, there have been several dog owners I know who say that their dogs watch Bluey! Something about the color tones in the shows animation are visible to pups and they're known to stop and watch! I will personally be trying this with the dogs in my life and will report back.

How many seasons of Bluey are there?

At the moment there are 3 Series (or seasons as they’re called in the US) of Bluey.

Series 1 has 52 episodes, Series 2 has 52 episodes, and Series three has 50 episodes. All consisting of about 8-9 minute episodes about the family, with the finale of Season 3 The Sign being a special 28 minute episode!

There is much anticipation for Series 4, rumored to drop after a break between seasons!


Will There Be A Bluey Movie?

At the moment, there is no plan for a Bluey movie. With the shows overwhelming popularity, we would hope they would continue their expansion and make a movie, but with usual Bluey episodes lasting around 8 minutes, this is no small feat. Only a handful of episodes have storylines that connect throughout the series, mostly only popping up in 2 or 3 episodes, so a movie length version of Bluey would be something to say the least!


"They're Just Trying To Run A Small Business!" - Chili talking about Bluey and Bingo and also us ironically

What Are The Best Bluey Episodes?

If you ask the critics, or anyone online (and also me), here’s what they say are some of the best Bluey Episodes:

  1. Duck Cake (Season 2, Episode 44)

  2. Rain (Season 3, Episode 18)

  3. Camping (Season 1, Episode 43)

  4. Stumpfest (Season 2, Episode 6)

  5. Daddy Dropoff (Seasons 2, Episode 8)

  6. Takeaway (Season 1, Episode 14)

  7. Bus (Season 2, Episode 22)

  8. Onesies (Season 3, Episode 31)

  9. Rug Island (Season 2, Episode 10)

  10. Keepy Uppy (Season 1, Episode 3)

The newest Bluey episodes Cricket, Ghostbasker, and The Sign is also now among critics favorites!


What Episodes Of Bluey Are Banned In The United States?

Yes, that’s right. Episodes of a children’s show are banned in America.

Censors in America and by Disney have altered or completely banned episodes from airing, so here is the rundown of Bluey Episodes you can’t watch if you aren’t in Australia!

Season 1:

-Daddy Robot (censored)

-Fruit Bat (censored)

-Taxi (censored)

-Markets (censored)

-Daddy Putdown (censored)

Season 2:

-Dad Baby (banned)

-Army (altered)

-Trains (censored)

-Flat Pack (censored)

Season 3:

-Exercise (censored)

-Perfect (censored)

-Born Yesterday (censored)

-Mini Bluey (censored)

-Driving (censored)

-The Decider (censored)

-Puppets (censored)

-Family Meeting (banned briefly, but back now)


When Are New Bluey Episodes Coming Out?

We don’t have an answer as to when the US is getting more Bluey, as it airs in Australia first, then other countries later due to contractual obligations! For now, we just wait patiently for new episodes to drop.


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Where Can You Watch Bluey?

You can stream Seasons 1, 2, and 3 on Disney+.


I slipped on ma' beans!

This has been everything we think you could ever need to know about Bluey and her Family. Let us know on Social Media all of YOUR favorite Bluey one liners!

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