Brunch at Wine Bar George in Disney Springs

It's brunch time once again and today we're at Wine Bar George at Disney Springs to give their brand new brunch menu a try! In usual Lost Bros fashion, we decided to get one of (almost) everything on the menu and brought some of our friends to enjoy the feast, so let's jump right into the review!

Crispy Mac & Cheese Bites

We started brunch off strong with one of our favorites -- crispy mac & cheese bites! This has always been one of our favorite menu items and you can get them off of their regular menu!

Kendall Brook Smoked Salmon

I always love smoked salmon for breakfast and this one definitely did not disappoint! The fish was super fresh and the whole dish was packed with flavor, but I almost wish the bread was either a bit smaller making each piece bite-sized OR that there was more salmon & cream on each piece. Nevertheless, a wonderful appetizer! 


After hearing incredible reviews of the burrata from when brunch first opened last week, I think it's safe to say that this is what I was most excited to try! It's a whole piece of burrata, a WHOLE avocado, bacon, tomatoes, all on top of two slices of ciabatta. For $22 there's definitely enough for two people to share, but if we're being honest I think you'll want to keep this one all to yourself because it's just that good!

Gluten Free Burrata

Being that the burrata is one of the best things on the menu, we HAD to get a gluten free version for our two gluten free experts, Joe & Molly! Basically everything is the same as the original, except without the ciabatta and it's still just as amazing!

Wine Country Omelet

Although this was the only completely gluten free menu item, it's definitely a great one according to Molly & Joe. It's an omelet made with artichokes, asparagus, and an olive & tomato medley and they both really seemed to enjoy it! We can't wait to see what other gluten free dishes will come from Wine Bar George as time goes on!

Eggs Benedict

I've always been a big fan of trying the different takes on eggs benedict that Disney has to offer, so of course we had to give this one a try! It's poached eggs, chicken sausage, and hollendaise atop a crispy polenta cake, but I have some mixed feelings about it. Although the polenta cake didn't hold up too well, the flavors were still pretty good, but definitely not the best that I've ever had.

Steak & Eggs Frites

Steak, eggs, and fries -- what's not to love? The eggs and steak were both cooked perfectly and the fries were thin and crispy just how I like them! This one is definitely a classic, but a great one at that!

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits

House-made biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon? Yes, please! These were seriously so good and a great option if you want something to share.

French Toast

Here we have a runner up to the best brunch entrée at Wine Bar George. It's a brioche french toast with mascarpone and caramel sauce! The bread is heavenly and the combination of the mascarpone with the caramel sauce is truly out of this world. It's topped with fresh berries as well and I'll definitely be back to order this again in the future!

Cinnamon Bun

I'm going to make this one as quick and painless as possible... I wasn't a fan of the cinnamon roll. It has a very thick frosting on top instead being covered in a thin icing, leaving the actual bun a bit too dry for my liking.

Rosé Cookie

You read that right... a rosé cookie! It's a giant, fluffy sugar cookie topped with the rosé wine infused frosting and even though you can't really tell that it's a rosé frosting, it's still one seriously amazing cookie.


Overall, brunch at Wine Bar George was a definite success! We all enjoyed their new Dole Whip Froscatos (they have two different options available, so be sure to try both) and had a feast like none other. I'm really hoping that they come out with more gluten free options later down the line, but as far as I can tell brunch at Wine Bar George is definitely going to be a hit!

Official Review: 4.5/5 Cody T Heads

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