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Pepe by José Andrés at Disney Springs

Jaleo by José Andrés is officially open at Disney Springs and today we're here at Pepe, their quick service location to give the menu a try!

Although Jaleo is all about the tapas, Pepe is strictly about sandwiches. That being said, the only gluten free options here are the pre-made salads and pre-packaged gazpacho from the refrigerated grab & go area that also holds all of the cold sandwich options. Hopefully we'll see a gluten free bread option in the future, but as for right now Pepe is definitely not as gluten friendly as most other food locations on Disney property.

As much as we love trying one of everything we possibly can at Disney restaurants, today we decided to narrow our choices down to four sandwiches.

Bikini de Jamón y Queso ($10)

First up, we decided to go with one of the pressed bikini sandwich options. The Bikini de Jamón y Queso is Pepe's version of a ham and cheese sandwich but they actually add mustard and press it all into a grilled cheese! Although we were super excited to try it and it was pretty good, this was actually our least favorite of the four sandwiches. It wasn't as groundbreaking as we thought it would be and tastes very much so just like a regular ham and cheese panini.

Pollo Frito ($12)

The next two sandwiches are both from the "sandwiches on a roll" section of the menu and the Pollo Frito is Pepe's take on a fried chicken sandwich. It's a breaded chicken breast with piparra peppers, gem lettuce, aioli, brava sauce, and sherry dressing. The first couple of bites that I took of this one reminded me ever so slightly of a McChicken, BUT as I kept eating it and got to experience all of the flavors that quickly changed. The sherry dressing really took the sandwich to another level and I actually ended up enjoying this one a whole lot more than the ham and cheese.

Chistorra ($10)

Next up, the Chistorra. It comes with three Spanish sausages, aioli, and brava sauce and was insanely good! The Spanish sausages have just the right amount of heat to them and are perfectly complimented by the two sauces. Honestly, this one blows the first two very far out of the water.

Pepito Ternera ($14)

Saving the best for last, we rounded out the sandwich sampling with one from the "pan de cristal" section of the menu. All the sandwiches in this group are served on a uniquely crispy and thin bread specially imported from Spain and I'll tell you right now, it was absolutely amazing. Not only was the bread incredible, but the flat iron steak, caramelized onions, cheese, and mayonnaise really packed in the flavor! This one was definitely our favorite of the bunch!

Soft Serve Trio Sampler

Just when we thought we our meal was coming to an end, a very kind Cast Member surprised us with a small sampling of their soft serve! There's three different options to choose from:

  • Leche Merengada | The Classic Spanish Flavors of Sweetened Milk, Cinnamon, & Lemon
  • Sorbet | Seasonal Variety (Strawberry)
  • Swirl

I cannot even begin to tell you how incredible all three of these were. Individually, both the leche merengada and sorbet were amazing, but swirled together... ELECTRIC. I can't believe I didn't just order these to begin with, but honestly I'll probably be back just to get a full serving in the future!


All in all, Pepe by José Andrés did not disappoint. It goes without saying that the Chistorra and Pepito Ternera were our favorites out of all the sandwiches that we tried and the soft serve was simply amazing. Definitely give their sandwiches a try the next time you're at Disney Springs and if you've already been here and loved something that we didn't try, please let us know!

Official Review: 4/5 Cody T Heads