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The Best Disney Tiktoks - Week of October 23rd, 2022 - October 29th, 2022

The Best Disney Tiktoks of the Week

Week of October 23rd, 2022 - October 29th, 2022

Today is the best of days because one of my favorite tees in our shop is coming back, my favorite nighttime spectaular comes back next week, and i have 5 brand new tiktoks for you!!!

Hope you all have had an amazing October and are looking forward to a very fun and very merry holiday season with all of us here at LB! :) WE are very excited to show you what we're cooking up here ... and you know there will be tiktoks to go along with it. Let's GO!

#5 You Can Absolutely Expect This Of Our Crew Next Thursday

#4 If This Isn't You In The Car, You're Lying

@gwizzle_ had to do Ferb’s part with some pizazz cmon now #gwizzlecarjams #disney #throwbacksongs ♬ original sound - gwizzle

#3 Berries and Cream Making A Comeback

Shop some of our viral faves below :-)

#2 Patrick, That's a Pickle


I mean it’s basically the same thing.

♬ Patrick thats a pickle - Aj

#1 Kachow

That was my top 5 for the week!!

WHO IS EXCITED FOR OUR HOLIDAY DROPS!!!!! I know I am. And they're really good. We can't wait for holidays and I will absolutely be super annoying about it.

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Ok everyone be cool- its almost Cam in pants season again. peace and love.