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The Best Disney Tiktoks - Week of October 9th, 2022 - October 15th, 2022

The Best Disney Tiktoks of the Week

October 9th, 2022 - October 15th, 2022

During my weekly rounds on the internet I tend to end up in some pretty niche trends...

Anyone else seeing chrome lady singing about biscuits or is it literally just me cause I feel absolutely insane right now.

But the trends have been making me ROLL with laughter lately (and Woody in TS2 is finally getting the love he deserves even tho I do still love buzz more)

Ok ok, less talky more tiktok-y,

ttfn :-)


#5 This Sound is All Over my FYP!!!!  

#4 Rockin is a legend

#3 I Am So Proud Of Him 😩

Shop some of our viral faves below :-)

#2 ... My Answer Changes Daily....

#1 I guess I won't call ******* Stupid :-)

There were my favorite Disney Tiktoks I saw this week....

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I'm going to go find a new coffee shop on property and gear up for our resort restock on MONDAYYYYYY WOOOOOOO🥰🤩