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We Ranked ALL of the Roller Coasters in Walt Disney World!

I Made My Team Rank Things In WDW: Roller Coaster Edition

It’s time people… I have gathered the team. And I have asked a lot of them. I made them rank their favorite roller coasters in WDW.

Everyone loves a good coaster. The track. The theming. The ability to make your tummy go all twisty!!I looove a good roller coaster and so do the rest of us, so without any more blabbering, here is the Definitive Lost Bros Roller Coaster Ranking for Walt Disney World™.

And a moment of silence for our fallen soldier primeval whirl… gone but never forgotten.


*this post was made pre-tron lightcycle//run.... so we'll have to make everyone update soon lol*

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#8 Barnstormer

35in height requirement

Wait Time: idk like 25 min? Sometimes less? If there’s a whole bunch of attractions down in MK I see it up to maybe 45.

Theming: The Great Goofini is taking you on his homemade airplane- yikes- Goofy causes a lot of trouble…. Runaway Railway, now this… 🤪

Scare Factor: This is a short coaster (maybe 90 seconds long). Great for taking your little ones on to see if they’re ready for bigger coasters like Mine Train or Slinky Dog! A couple of drops, but nothing crazy- and doesn’t get too high off of the ground so I know that fear of heights won’t be too much of an issue!

Thoughts: At a whopping last place it’s not a crazy surprise that Barnstormer isn’t our top pick… *sad trombone noise* We don’t hate this one! In fact, we don’t hate any ride at WDW- except for you, Mission: Space. Eff you Mission: Space.

But Barnstormer is boring now and we just don’t run for it at rope drop as a group of people in our 20’s and 30’s. But It’s okay! It’s still fun. You still have to do it once!

#7 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

38in height requirement

Wait Time: lol good luck you’ll be waiting a while for this one. Anywhere between like 60-110 minutes we’ve observed at this coaster. On wicked days itll be like 150.

Theming: The Dwarfs from Snow White take you to work with them in the mine in this dark ride/coaster hybrid. The theme is cute and the Mine is beautifully designed. The drops are great! At the end you get to see the recycled animatronics from Snow White’s Scary Adventures!

Scare Factor: Not super scary unless you hate the evil hag/queen. The drops are more thrilling than you think they will be! But a good “step-up” coaster for kiddos post-Barnstormer but pre- Slinky Dog.

Thoughts: Listen, we love the Mine. We love the Dwarfs. This ride is not worth the wait for how short it is. It’s like maybe a minute and a half long and you get 2 good drops then you’re done. And BTW there’s another minecart themed attraction on this list that is 3x as long, makes me giggle more, and has a statistically shorter wait time than this one. You’re welcome.

#6 Slinky Dog Dash

38in height requirement

Wait Time: yo- You’re absolutely looking at 60+ minute wait for this one. Maybe at the end of night you can catch it at 30! This is one we will absolutely tell you to rope drop if it's a must do.

Theming: In Andy’s Backyard, he’s built a roller coaster track that Slinky rides along!! It’s the cutest theme with the coolest views of all of Hollywood Studios. (Pro tip. That nighttime skyline is insane and I never feel like i’m up in the air long enough to enjoy it)

Scare Factor: This one labels itself as a kids coaster but this is not your average family coaster. This thing has some pretty intense drops on it! We do love it though. A step up from Mine Train for sure.

Thoughts: I feel like it’s criminal to have this so low on our list, but whatever I had to get other people’s opinions because this isn’t just my space it's the Lost Bros space and we all have to share our opinionsblah blah whatever slinky dog should have been higher. Slinky is a fun ride, but another one that waiting can be tedious and long and HOT. Like Hot. Not a ton of shade in Toy Story Land to begin with but the queue for slinky is roughhhhh.

The only thing worse than the heat is having to hear Slinky speak Spanish in a thick southern accent for the duration of your wait time. But the ride is great.


#5 Rock'n Roller Coaster

ps look at those babies!!!! ^^^^

48in height requirement

Wait Time: Genuinely this one is all. over. the. place. So here is our formula. Rise/Tower Down? Wait time will go up to like 90 minutes. Tower down? Wait time is also up to 90+ minutes. TS Mania/ Mickey and Minnie’s down? You’re looking at a solid 45+ wait time. If everything is operating smoothly, on a good day, you’ll wait 30 minutes. This scientific conclusion was done over years of testing and studying and research. Thank you for your time.

Theming: You’re seeing an irrelevant BAND! Sorry to call Aerosmith irrelevant, but pls name a recent hit. Please. So anyway, you’re going to a recording studio to see the guys of Aerosmith do their thing and- oh no *gasp* they forgot they have a concert tonight! You’ve gotta come with them cause they can’t just leave you here. So Steven Tyler has a great idea, how about some backstage passes?! So you all hop in a super stretch limo and party on.

Scare Factor: This is the only coaster at WDW that goes upside down so it definitely will be scary. PLUS You are starting with a hard launch from 0 to over 50 mph into the dark. I feel like I’m on a trip every time I’m on this coaster because I feel like it’s the first time I've ever ridden it before?? Pro tip: It will be much scarier if you’re drunk on Baseline Tap House Cider while you ride the attraction. Learn from my mistakes.


Thoughts: Midway through our ranking and we’ve come to the favorite of Mr. Cody T. He does love this ride. We love this ride. The theme is a little outdated now but this ride stands. The soundtrack is fun and switches up different Aerosmith songs for each ride, so it’s always something a little different. Definitely ride this one if you’re a coaster lover. It’s inside and in the dark so we love it.

#4 Space Mountain

44in height requirement

Wait Time: Space is another one that you can’t always predict wait times! I’ve waited over an hour and I’ve walked on. On a good day, it’s usually 30/45 minutes!

Theming: *pew pew* *pew pew* iykyk. Anyways you’re on a flight up into space! And you’re seeing everything in the dark with just some flashing lights and space-y music. Good strong coaster. An MK OG. We love Space Mountain.

Scare Factor: Scary cause you are in the dark. And you do some pretty sharp turns on this thing. Double scary if you’ve ever ridden it with the lights on. There is a MAJOR reason why this coaster is in the dark lmao.

Thoughts: Space is a claaasssssiiiicccc. A CLASSIC. The tomorrowland coaster from back in the day. I’m sure Tron will be fun, but Space will always be Space. We love this one and it's Halloween Overlay during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Ride it once. Ride it twice. Ride it three times. I’m just as confused every time I get off because I don’t know where I’ve just been.


#3 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

40in height requirement

Wait Time: 25 minutes usually!! Sometimes a little more if Splash and/or Mine Train are down!

Theming: This here’s the wildest ride In the wildernessss. And boy is it. You take a sketchy minecart through a mine and you see it all. Goats, Dinosaur Skeletons, Geysers, Hair ties people threw off the ride, you name it. You’ll see it.

Scare Factor: Not really scary! But quite thrilling. This ride is so fun and you will giggle on it relentlessly. It tosses you around in the perfect way that makes you want to go again and again. And I do.

Thoughts: As my personal number one, I could write an essay about how much I love Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but I won’t bore any of you with that APA formatted, double spaced paper I’ll send to Lex and Cody Later. This attraction cannot be beat for me. It’s so much fun and if you catch it at night when the fireworks are going off, oh my god it’s actually something out of a Disney World Commercial you saw on tv when you were a kid. This one is magical and so fun. I will never skip Thunder for as long as I live.

#2 Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

42in height requirement

Wait Time: Okay- This one is complicated. There is the Virtual queue (available for friends with park passes to Epcot at 7am from anywhere, then there’s the queue again at 1pm available for friends already checked into epcot and inside the park. Got it? Got it.) but once inside the virtual queue you may walk right through the physical queue or you may wait in line for upwards of an hour. We’ve heard reports from both!Important to note that you can arrive anytime after your boarding group is called, you just cannot show up before! 

Theming: You’re visiting the out-of-this-world showcase pavilion, the world of Xandar. The Xandarians are here to show you a special presentation of their new cosmic generator when…. Something fishy happens!

No spoilers here, but the Guardians of the Galaxy are called in and they take off with you in this high speed coaster.

Scare Factor: This one is also inside and in the dark, but not really scary. It’s the smoothest coaster I’ve been on and soooo much fun, so I feel like you’re too busy to be scared of anything around you! It’s thrilling and very re-rideable.

Thoughts: This is the coaster EPCOT needed. She needed this one. We love Cosmic Rewind. We made a whole collection about it. This ride is so much fun. There are 6 song choices you can get on this coaster and every one of them slaps, but Everybody Wants to Rule the World is my personal favorite. Our team really likes this ride and would nearly rank it number one on our list, but it’s truly so new we can’t call it iconic yet. It’s definitely getting there with every ride we do though!

#1 Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

44in height requirement

Wait Time: I have seen Everest at a 5 minute wait all day….. I have seen Everest at 75 all day. But normally it's like 30. But I make no promises. Usually depends if Flight of Passage is down.

Theming: From the Master Mind of Joe Rohde comes the tour we’ve all wanted to take but fear too much. The tour up Mount Everest to see if that Yeti is real. (And no, not the yeti with the snow cones from Monsters Inc. We all know he’s real) This coaster takes you deep into the mountain and truly will have you screaming and gasping for air- especially when it goes backwards. The queue and the coaster are beautiful beyond measure and it’s always fun to be around this area.

Scare Factor: Yeah, this one will get you! Between the torn up tracks *sorry for the spoilers*, the backwards drop and the massive yeti, appropriately nicknamed Disco Yeti, this attraction will definitely scare anyone who’s a bit skittish. We definitely think it has to be ridden at least once. Because we really LOVE this ride.


Thoughts: It’s our number 1 spot for a reason. DISCO YETTTIIIIIIII. We hope and pray that he gets fixed some day (God? Hi, it’s me, Allison, putting in another one for my yeti friend to get fixed. K, thanks). But We also know that, fun fact, if they run the yeti as he is supposed to be run then he will break the steel mountain around him and it may crumble and we do not want that. So we will take a still, strobe-lit yeti in the meantime. This coaster is ICONIC for our team and iconic for Animal Kingdom. This thing changed the landscape of the park and gave it that much needed pull. We LOVE everest and it’s number one on the field and number one in our hearts.

That's our Roller Caoster Ranking Folks!!!

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Now please enjoy this tiktok of Cody losing his favorite hat on the Incredicoaster at DCL.


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