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Our Top 5 Favorite New Menu Items From Epcot's Festival of the Arts 2020!

Welcome to Festival of the Arts 2020! We're out and about at Epcot exploring all the new experiences the festival has to offer and we compiled a list of all the amazing new dishes we LOVED at this year's festival! The Veggie Gyoza, Sous Vide Chicken Roulade, Agave Pork Belly, Plant-based Bratwurst, and Rose Panna Cotta all ranked amongst our favorite dishes offered this year, so let's break each one down and take a closer look at these all-new offerings!

Veggie Gyoza - 4/5 Cody T Heads - $5.50

Vegetable and Edamame filled Gyoza atop Truffle-mashed Potatoes, Shiitake Mushrooms, Pepper Strings and Tonkatsu Teriyaki Sauce

Of all the dishes we tried at this year's festival, I think the Veggie Gyoza was by far the come from behind winner. We were excited to try the truffle mash potatoes, but didn't really have much interest in the rest of the dish and definitely thought it was an odd pairing, to say the least. After trying it, I did still find the dish's components to not exactly complement each other, but on a piece-by-piece basis, these were all FANTASTIC! The Truffle Mashed Potatoes were fresh and creamy and had a present truffle taste. The pepper strings also added a texture I'd never experienced in mashed potatoes before, but we all agreed it worked well. The gyoza was extremely crisp and filled with Vegetable and Edamame. Flavors were all present and the portion was solid for the $5.50 price. Finally, we tried the Shiitake mushroom with a little of the leftover truffle mashed potato which was INCREDIBLE. We were so surprised that this dish was so good even down to the mushroom garnish. I don't think you can go wrong here for $5.50 and highly recommend picking this one up over the other offerings at Goshiki such as the Sushi Doughnut!

Sous Vide Chicken Roulade - 5/5 Cody T Heads - $6.75

Sous Vide Chicken Roulade with Apples and Sage served with Warm Brie Fondue, Blueberry and Beet Gel and garnished with Beet Chip Crumbles

We ended up being one of the only people to try Pop Eats at the festival, as the booth opened for around 20 minutes from 11-11:20 and shut down thereafter for the rest of the day, so here's your EXCLUSIVE look at the Pop Eats offerings! The Sous Vide Chicken Roulade was a returning favorite from last year that had a slightly different presentation. Everyone agreed that this was a highlight from the booth, as well as the festival overall. The portion was small, but the dish was so packed with flavor it was pretty filling. The three sauces presented on the plate were Bri Fondue, Blueberry Gel, and Beet Gel. The sauces easily made the dish so excellent as they all added a different flavor to the chicken, and when combined worked to add an insane amount of flavor while keeping the plate balanced. The Beet Gel was extremely sweet which was a great pairing to the chicken, and the Bri Fondue cut that sweetness just enough to balance it out. $6.75 is steep for the small portion, but I really think this is a unique, must-try creation at this year's festival.

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Plant-based Bratwurst - 4/5 Cody T Heads - $9.50

Plant-based Bratwurst with Spicy Turmeric Aïoli, Coffee Barbecue Jackfruit, and Slaw

The Plant-based Bratwurst is the ONLY completely Plant-based offering at the festival this year, so be aware of that going into it. It's also extremely important to note that the dish takes up to 10 minutes to prepare. That means if 3 people order the dish at once, the wait time can be increased to up to 30 minutes (Kinda like an attraction). With that being said, if you're willing to wait, you won't be disappointed. I was completely blinded by the fact that the sausage was plant-based, and the jackfruit on top only works to convince you even more. The slaw and turmeric are the perfect toppings for this dish, as the turmeric adds an absolutely delicious and very present spice taste. The slaw provides an extremely necessary crunch, but doesn't leave a lot of flavor, which i'm ok with due to the already flavorful jackfruit and turmeric. The biggest let-down of the dish was the bun, but we all agreed that it wasn't enough to knock the dish out of contention for the top 5 best dishes. Finally, this is easily the messiest dish we tried at the festival and Turmeric absolutely ended up in both Cody and I's noses so grab some napkins before hand!

Agave Pork Belly - 4.5/5 Cody T Heads - $7.50

Pork Belly caramelized with Agave atop Pumpkin Seed Pesto Lentil Salad

This was one of Cody's most anticipated dishes of the festival this year and it did NOT disappoint! The pork belly itself was crispy and fatty, we also noticed a little sweetness to it which really rounded it off. The pumpkin seed peso did an incredible job balancing out the fattiness of the pork belly. The dish was only served with three cubes of pork belly so the portion wasn't massive for the $7.50 price point, but the dish was put together beautifully, making this a must-do at this year's festival!

Rose Panna Cotta - 4/5 Cody T Heads - $8.00

Vanilla, Rose Water and Pistachio Panna Cotta

Finally, the Rose Water Panna Cotta was the icing on the cake for our top 5 dishes list. This is another returning favorite from last year, with a slightly different presentation, changing the dome-shaped panna cotta to a rose shape for this year. The dish was served with pistachio crumbles and a glittery gel garnish. The white chocolate rose holds the main part of the panna cotta in, and also adds texture to the dish which saves the otherwise kind of runny and moist dessert. The dish is extremely light and easy to eat, with the pistachio being the main savior of flavor. Overall this is a must-try both for the gorgeous presentation, and excellent taste.

That about wraps up the best of the best for this year's all-new Festival of the Arts dishes! We do have to note that we were super bummed about Deconstructed Dish, which never opened at all on day one of the festival. If it had opened, we really think the Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake that Lex highlighted in her most anticipated dishes of the year, would have EASILY made this list. Which plates will you be trying on your visit to the Epcot International Festival of the Arts this year? Follow us on Instagram @TheLostBros and DM us to let us know, and stay tuned to the Lost Blog for even more Festival of the Arts 2020 coverage!

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