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The Best Quick Service Restaurants in Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom


Casey's Corner

On Main Street just past the Emporium we’ve got the lovable, the delicious Casey’s hot dogs (plant based option too) and corn dog nuggets. Yeah, I said it. Corn Dog Nuggets. (think mini corn dogs but make it amazing?) Meals here are easy and most are paired with french fries.

Get a cup of ridiculously delicious cheese sauce for a little upcharge. Seating is limited but there’s inside and outside spots! Outside views include castle shows, cavalcades, and ducks. And eating Casey’s on the hub grass is people watching at its finest.

Pair your corn dog nuggets with your favoriteCasey’s Tee from our shop. Sign up for RESTOCK notifications so we know you want this one back and show everyone how much you love this MK fave!!


If yu don't believe us - maybe Cody's Cover of Casey's Dogs to the tune of Stacy's Mom will help you see where we're at with our love for CC.

Cosmic Ray's  

Food is like general fast food level quality and genuinely (you can look this up) I think the busiest restaurant in the world... Seriously I think it was awarded to them last year.

Anyway - Ray's has standard chicken nuggets, burgers, and shoestring fries.

The draw? Sitting in the dining room while Sonny Eclipse plays his sweet ol tunes... Everyone go spam the insta so we bring back my fave sonny tee.

everyone needs tees to eat in

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

While we patiently wait for this spot to be rethemed (pls give me tiana's foods f#%@ing pls) we will settle for argueably the most diverse food in MK - nachos, tacos, fajitas, and a kid fave - rice and beans.

Think chipotle kinda but like without the toppings bar back, it's been a little less customizable. We do like the nachos and the sharability of the meals here at PB's. We don't love how sad this place looks lol.


Aloha Isle - Go yourself some dole whip!!! In fact, here is

Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies - ICE CREAM.

Lunching Pad - Cream Cheese Pretzel

Spring Roll Cart in Adventureland - Get the Cheeseburger ones!!

Sleepy Hollow - Waffle with Fresh Fruit (bro so good)