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Dinner at California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort

Tonight we're at Disney's Contemporary Resort to finally cover one of our favorite restaurants on property - California Grill. Whether we're here for Sunday brunch, special events, or just enjoying dinner as we are tonight, California Grill never disappoints!

Braised Beef Short Rib Wontons

To start off, I got an order of the Braised Beef Short Rib Wontons which were absolutely amazing! They're served with a Doenjang miso-cola-onion sauce, crispy garlic-chili oil, radish, and pickled lotus root - all of which loaded the wontons with a ton of flavor!

Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli

Lex is a huge fan of anything goat cheese, so for her appetizer she decided to give the Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli a try. It's a single ravioli that is served in a tomato fennel broth, crispy mushrooms, tiny basil, and Arebequina organic olive oil and it was one of the best things she's ever tried from California grill. The ravioli was cooked perfectly and the combination of flavors was out of this world! (Pro-tip: dunking your bread in the broth is heavenly!) We're not sure how long this will be on the menu for, but it's definitely a must-try the next time you dine here!

Market Strawberry Salad

For Joe's appetizer, he ordered his favorite salad - the Market Strawberry Salad. It's made with perfectly ripe strawberries (yay for them being in season), a pomegranate-tarragon vinaigrette, la tur cheese, and pistachio meringue all of which make this one of the most refreshing salads!


For my entree, I ordered the sashimi and I was immediately impressed just at the sight of it! It included tuna, hamachi, salmon (which I replaced with more hamachi), citrus ponzu, sesame oil, on a bed of Furikake rice. I loved that the two sauces were served in pipets and honestly the whole dish in general was wonderful!

Spicy Kazan Roll

Last time Lex was here she tried a piece of the Spicy Kazan Roll and loved it, so tonight she decided to order a whole roll all to herself! This is one of California Grill's signature dishes and it's made with crab, shrimp, scallops, tuna, tempura crunch, and fireball sauce. It's pretty spicy, but seriously amazing!

Gluten Free Spicy Kazan Roll

Joe also decided to go with the Spicy Kazan Roll for dinner and even though it's not technically listed on the allergy menu as being gluten friendly, all you have to do is request that they leave the tempura crunch off of the dish and you're good to go!

Lavender Doughnuts

To end the night, we ordered one of California Grill's seasonal desserts - the Lavender Doughnuts. We love doughnuts and these were three miniature doughnuts with blueberry gin jam, pistachio crumble, and blueberry frozen yogurt. I think it's safe to say that these were definitely the best doughnuts I've ever had! Everything worked so well together and I would come back just for these!


All in all, we had yet another incredible experience at California Grill. If you've never dined here before, you may have your doubts and think that this place is over hyped because of how many people rave about it, but I promise you that you will not be disappointed!