We chimed in with haven’t you people ever heard of Lost Bros Emo Week?! That’s right! We are back with Emo Week Part 2!


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Easy Halloween Costumes For MNNSHP Using Your Lost Bros Tees!

We've all been there! You need a last minute Halloween Party Costume that is both comfortable to wear all night and not going to break the bank! We get it. We're here to help!

Using your current (or future) Lost Bros Collection, we're giving you some very solid options for easy costume ideas you can wear to your Mickey's Not So Sary Halloween Party OR any other halloween party you find yourself at this fall!

The "Dr. Seeker"



Heeeello There! Get yourself the following and you have an easy-peasy Dr. Seeker Inspired outfit!

  • A Lab Coat
  • A Dinosaur Hand Puppet
  • Maybe memorize some of the Pre-show from Dinosaur!





Now also in Youth sizes so your favorite kiddo can be the Paleonologist we all aspire to be.

The "Duck Watching Club Member"




The Perfect Costume if you need to wing it. Haha- get it?

  • A hiking hat and/or hiking shoes
  • cargo pants or shorts
  • binoculars

The "I Just Really Love Happily Ever After"




For Everyone who cries during Nighttime Spectaculars...

  • Pajama Pants or Shorts
  • A Picture of Jordan Fisher framed
  • Sparkly Minnie Ears
  • Maybe some Mascara Running Down your Face

The "I Only Go To EPCOT To Ride Cosmic Rewind"




JHust call me Peter Quill!

  • A casette player and headphones
  • Cargo Pants
  • Maybe an arrow if you're going for the Yondu Vibe
  • Know all of the words to September by Earth, Wind, and Fire

The "I'm On Vacation"



This one's for the dads who still pay for your dinner on vacay lol...

  • A Baseball Hat (preferably with mickey mouse on it)
  • A strip of white sunscreen down your nose
  • a fanny pack
  • high socks
  • supportive shoes

The "I Miss Disneyland"


This one's for everyone who likes DLR better.

  • Just ball out in everything disneyland related

Finally... The Halloween Themed Crew

We hope this gave you some boo-tiful inspo for your MNSSHP! Be sure to check out our IG to see what we're wearing to our parties (!!) it's gonna be GOOD.

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