Island-style Beef Burger from Kona Cafe

It's time to talk about Kona Cafe and the BRAND NEW Island-style Beef Burger!

Fresh-pressed beef burger with char siu pork belly, soft-poached egg, mustard greens, spicy mayonnaise, and pickled onions served on a pineapple brioche bun with a house-made pickle and french fries. Yes, it was absolutely amazing & gigantic and has easily moved into my top three favorite burgers on property.

Kona Cafe recently over hauled their menu and now they've made it so they can run their lunch and dinner menu together with out a changeover. While breakfast got some great additions, I think lunch and dinner options suffered. They took away one of their best lunch deals as well as the coffee rubbed pork - two of my absolute favorites. In the end, even though I did feel like my choices were limited this burger was simply incredible!

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