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REVIEW: Tokyo Dining at Epcot

We're on a quest to try more restaurants around Epcot (just tried Via Napoli for the first time), and finally stopped in at Tokyo Dining the other day to see what we've been missing out on! Full disclosure: we’ve never eaten at any of the restaurants in Japan, so this was our first time even being up those stairs!

Vegetable Miso Soup (Gluten Free)

Asari Clam Miso Soup (Gluten Free)

Colton, Joe, and I started out our lunch today with a personal favorite - miso soup. Colton & I shared the vegetable miso made with sautéed onion, potato, daikon, & green onion and Joe got the clam miso. Both are completely gluten free, but to be honest none of us were really impressed with either. The broths used in both were decent, but definitely didn't blow our minds.

Spicy Calamari Tempura

BIGGEST. CALAMARI. EVER. I will not lie to you, I was pretty terrified to give this a try once it came to our table, but I have to admit it was very good.

Fire Cracker Sushi Roll

Colton & I got the Fire Cracker sushi roll to share and I'll say it right now, this was indeed *fire*. It's a tempura shrimp roll with wakame salad, and jalapeńo finished with eel sauce, shredded red pepper, and sriracha drizzle. I'd come back just to eat it again!

Lobster Tempura w/ Cheese Fondue

Two words: (1) Lobster (2) Fondue. The Lobster Tempura at Tokyo Dining is $30 and perfect to share. It comes with an assortment of tempura fried vegetables & lobster and is served alongside an incredible cheese fondue. It was easily one of my favorite things that we got to enjoy!

Bento Box

The real star of our lunch and the thing that we were most excited to try was the Bento Box. For $34 you get:

  • shrimp & vegetable tempura
  • NY sirloin steak with garlic ginger sauce
  • chicken teriyaki
  • tuna & salmon poke salad w/ sesame-ginger dressing
  • tuna, salmon, shrimp nigiri, and vegetable roll

Honestly, we weren't all that impressed by the majority of the food included in the box, but you get to sample some of the hibachi meat which we actually did really enjoy. Other than that, the nigiri, poke salad, and tempura were all just pretty decent.

Volcano Roll (Gluten Free)

For Joe's gluten free lunch, he ordered the Volcano Roll and said it was incredible! It's a California Roll topped with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, smelt roe, tempura crunch, and spicy chili mayo, so to make it gluten free they just have to leave off the tempura. You can also ask for gluten free soy sauce as well if you'd like!


Overall, there are probably better deals all around Epcot, but there are a few menu items that we tried today that would definitely get me to come back to Tokyo Dining. The lobster fondue, hibachi meat in the bento box, and fire cracker roll were all amazing and if you end up dining here, I would definitely give them a try!

Official Review: 3.5/5 Cody T Heads