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The Best Disney Tiktoks - Week of January 15th, 2023 -January 21st, 2023

The Best Disney Tiktoks of the Week

January 15th 2023 - January 21st, 2023

We are full speed ahead here at LB headquarters. We've got drops, we've got restocks and we've got tiktoks. We've got BIG NEWS?! PHINEAS AND FERB ARE BACK... AND FERB, I KNOW WHAT WE'RE GONNA DO TODAY.

watch tiktoks. today, we'll watch tiktoks.

#5 You Can't Keep a Good Platypus Down, I Always Say!!!  

@danpovenmire Some things are just hard to say …because of NDAs #doofenshmirtz #phineasandferb #perrytheplatypus #platypuscontrollingme #disney #squirrelsinmypants #hamsterandgretel #morephineasandferb @Jeff “Swampy” Marsh @Vincent Martella @AshleyTisdale @AlysonStoner ♬ original sound - Dan Povenmire


#3 Sharpay And Ryan 5-ever

Shop some of our viral faves below :-)

#2 So Much Lightning Out Lately, Wow!

#1 Don't You Ever Talk To Me Or My Son Like That Again

Hope everyone has a great week. Don't forget to take a sec, take a breath, and take care of yourselves.

And don't forget to watch cody t in his world famous COP OR DROP series.