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Our Official 2023 Walt Disney World Skyliner Food Tour

I Never Need An Excuse To Try New Food

It's time for another round of "food at WDW definitely doesn't suck!" and this time- we're doing a Skyliner Food Tour!!!!

We've talked about a skyliner tour before - in fact we quite literally wrote the manual on the ultimate Skyliner Crawl Day. You can read it all RIGHT HERE - but today we're here to highlight our literal all time bomb af faves the Skyliner Resorts have to offer. From Riv to Art of Animation - we really tried it all.

Here are our TOP PICKS at each stop!!!

Riviera Resort

Le Petit Cafe

Cody's Pick: Lavender Lemonade Iced Tea (Really good iced tea for friends who don't actually love tea- we love a lemon flavor)

Lex's Pick: Lemon Madeleine’s (her fav lil sweet treat)


Bar Riva

Lex's Pick: Baked Brie (lex loved this, but cody thinks it is bad and not as good as the last version that was baked in dough- I think it's really good. No one should ever be mad about cheese and bread @ cody)

honorable mention to the wings and the burrata at this place tbh!!!

Caribbean Beach

Banana Cabana

Cody's Pick: Pull Apart Rolls with Onion Jam and Guava Butter (super unique bread and the butter is top tier at disney, matched perfectly with the sweet onion)

Lex's Pick: Pineapple Coconut Bread Pudding (yes the chef from ‘Ohana created this all specifically for this bar….yes it is as goodas 'Ohana- the coconut is a phenomenal addition with the perfect added flavors to match the vibe)


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Art Of Animation

Landscape of Flavors

Cody's Pick: Tandoori Chicken (the resort has special equipment JUST for these items - the giant flat top (wait for our vlog) for the spinach paneer and a dedicated fryer for the fresh made naan…DO NOT!!!! miss this dish, i’m telling you. AND THE CHICKEN IS ALL BONELESS!!! the flavors are rich, textures all perfect, the naan is unreal)

cody has a lot of feelings on the above ^^ as you can see lol

Check out MORE of how we spent our Skyliner day HERE!


Y'all we MADE IT. I hope we talked about your favorites on the skyliner today!!! If we DIDN'T Be sure to let us know so we go back and try more that we may have missed. (pls maybe they'll let me try more food with them i've been locked in my office too long!!!!!!!!) (i'm absolutely kidding i'm 100% allowed to leave my office please don't come at anyone) anyways tell us your favorite foods so we can keep trying them!!!!

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