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The Ultimate Walt Disney World Packing List

The Only Packing List You'll Ever Need Again

See Cody Above: He may look stressed- but he really has everything he needs! Including his emotional support water bottle and his best friend. (He must have used our Disney Trip packing list)

So, we've been to Disney World a couple of times... we've been there done that- tried all the things. That means we feel super qualified to bring you the Ultimate Lost Bros Approved Disney World Packing List (copyright pending) (not really but I can dream). Below is everything you will ever need to know about packing for a trip to the most magical place on earth in a time where it is incredibly complicated to do so. Don't stress. We've got you covered!

Come on everybody, get your ears on. It's a good time.


Your Suitcase(s)

  • All of the toiletry essentials of course!

    • Definitely bring some medicines! Some good old fashions Ibuprofen/Tylenol, Dramamine, Melatonin, you know the drill. But you never wanna be caught in MK with a headache and no medicine.... I promise you that)
  • Enough clothes to cover 1 outfit per days of your trip (maybe even throw in enough for nearly 2 outfits per day - cause that Florida heat is no joke and you WILL sweat through your shirts)

    • Think Park Day fits and ALSO a nicer outfit to wear to restaurants that aren’t casual! But honestly, a lot of people around here will wear super casual clothes to dinner because restaurants know we’re in the parks! The only exception is any restaurant that requires a dress code.

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes (You will literally do so much walking - do not pick WDW as the time to try out new shoes!) I am so serious and cannot stress enough about how much you need reliable shoes.

  • Socks matter too- nothing scratchy or that squeezes your toes. You want lots of foot comfort lol - as much as humanly possible.

  • Don’t Forget PJ’s at Night :’)

  • If you’re a hat person or an ears person, you gotta bring those!


Your Park Bag

As a 20-something who lives here… my park bag will look vastly different from the family of 4+ visiting WDW on vacation! So here are my suggestions for all of the above and then some- cause we want to have you covered from head to toe - literally.

-Big Family? Bring a big backpack

Think Jansport/ what you used to carry to school - this will look different for everyone lol some people can get away with a smaller bag and some can’t!

Just test pack everything and see what you can fit!

Here are our Must Haves:

  • Wallet / ID and Credit Card or Cash

  • Chapstick

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Portable charger(s) - they do have these for purchase in the parks at about $35 a piece :) and you can grab a new one that's fully charge for free after you buy it once!

  • Bandaids (you never know!)

  • Some travel meds (tylenol, dramamine, cough drops, ya know)
  • Water bottle

  • Umbrella/rain jacket (depends on what bag and what fits lol) (and honestly pro lex tip: use the umbrella in the sun!!! it makes it like 10 degrees cooler- trust us. we've melted too many times)

  • Deodorant or a perfume/cologne just to spritz if you’re feeling too theme park smell-y (it’s a thing)

  • Sunglasses and maybe even an extra pair in case you lose one somehow

  • Mini hair brush (Guardians does a number on long hair!)

  • Maybe some granola bars if you don’t feel like paying $15 for a snack in WDW

  • Nuimos if you’ve got ‘em

  • Trading pins


Helping You Pack...

Keep these pointers in mind when packing:

Disney Resorts have the following amenities:

-Laundry Rooms with washers and dryers

-Vending Machines

-Water Bottle Filling Stations

-Shampoo, Conditioner, and other basics in room

-All resorts have Quick Service Restaurants and/or food courts so it’s super easy to grab food fast!

- All resorts also have merchandise locations that have toiletries like toothbrushes, sunscreen, diapers, feminine products, etc in case you forget them!

- All resorts have some form of transportation whether it be the Monorail, a walking path, the Skyliner, A boat, or the tried and true Disney Bus system. Be sure to research these and know what to expect from them (if you have a fear of heights, the skyliner may not be for you and you might want to plan on alternate transportation that day. I.E. Boat and/or walking or maybe even an uber lol)

Time of Year:Just keep checking the weather honestly… and even then, don’t really trust it. It can be hot cold hot cold here. Cold in the morning - hot as hades in the day - then back to cold at night. Bring sweatshirts! Don’t be afraid to layer and tie the sweatshirt around your waist if you get hot (I think that trend is coming back tbh).

Chafing is a thing: and it suuuucks. So be prepared! Body glide is great to have on hand, as well as just wearing shorts long enough to cover any skin on skin contact. This can go for if you’re wearing a tank top too- sometimes in the heat the sweat can make your arms rub too and it is the worst feeling. Be prepared so it doesn’t ruin your trip!!

Staying at the Campsites?

So did WE– and we did a complete guide to everything you can do and/or need at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. You can find that updated Review/Guide Right HERE!


Random things you might want to bring or have:

  • Gift Cards

  • Polaroid camera

  • Extra Hair Ties

  • A case of water in your room

  • Snacks in your room

  • Ear Plugs (Dad might snore… Aunt Susan might snore… your partner might snore… You. Need. Sleep. + if someone in your party doesn’t love the fireworks noises, headphones or ear plugs go a long way!)

If there's any group of people who know more about a day at Disney than our team - I'd love to meet 'em. We've tried, tested, and handled just about every kind of situation in WDW, so we're literal pros.

This is our entire comprehensive packing list featuring fun fit ideas - cause we had to so we hope this helps YOU pack for your next Disney Trip a little easier!!


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