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The Best Table Service Restaurants In Walt Disney World

It's Time For Our Favorite Table Service Restaurants!

Foodies Rejoice! I am, yet again, talking about food on the Lost Bros Blog because I literally think about food all the time.

Living so close to WDW, we are plagued with the painstaking question of where to eat lunch and dinner constantly *moment of silence for the first world problem* and while we do try new things all the time (see reel below), we also have some tried and true favorites that we will eat up every single time.

I couldn’t really choose because I am a die hard foodie, but REST ASSURED these are top tier Cody T approved, Lex approved, me approved (if that means anything to you- just know I don’t put my stamp of approval on literally anything the food here is just so f$&@ing good lol),

*Mirabel Voice* Let’s Go!


(also the burger above is from the turf club lounge at Saratoga Springs!!!!)


Magic Kingdom


Liberty Tree Tavern + Sister Restaurant Diamond Horseshoe

$39 per adult, $21 per child. Family Style

Aka the love of my life

What we love about it: It’s constantly Thanksgiving in the place holy sh!t. I will not shut up about Lib- I want family style food with my besties here as often as I can get it. The vibe is colonial America (lol typing that made me laugh too hard). The people are dressed in FULL colonial wear. And each dining room is dedicated to a figure of U.S History: Benjamin Franklin (The guy who got struck by lightning I think?), Thomas Jefferson (Fought with Alexander Hamilton lol), John Paul Jones (have no clue who he is- but def thought this guy was a rock and roll star not a colonial war hero), Paul Revere (the british are coming flag dude), Betsy Ross (a badass woman), and my father and yours George Washington (wonderfully played by Christopher Jackson in Hamilton).

The Menu Highlights:Ummmm the whole thing?!Mac and Cheese, Pot Roast, Sangria, and the Toffee Cake OH MY GOD!


Be Our Guest

$67 per adult, $39 per child. Choose one App, One Entree, and you get an array of dessert samplings

What we love about it:The ambienceeee aaahhhhhh. You sit in the Ballroom, The West Wing, or the Library, and every room has such a special vibe. The Beast comes to visit you during your meal. Need I go on?

Okay, it also SNOWS in the windows.I’m done.

The Menu Highlights:The French Onion Soup is top notch for us. We also love the steak and you have to try the Grey Stuff.It’s delicious.

Lmao sorry I had to.


Rose and Crown Pub

What we love about it: The VIBES in this place.We’re all about the vibes in case you couldn’t tell. We love a good vibe. Plus they have great views for Nighttime Spectaculars! (You can book dining packages for these :))

The Menu Highlights: Fish and Chips OBVI- Sticky Toffee Pudding (aka Cake), specialty beer from the UK.


Teppan Edo

Welove dinner and a show.

What we love about it: It’s dinner and a show!! Plus so much food holy moly.


The Menu Highlights: Stir Fried Rice. Community Dining. Steak is top tier. You can get Violet Sake. enough said.


Hollywood Studios

50’s Prime Time Cafe

For the people with familial trauma that just really want to keep experiencing it.

What we love about it: Okay- everyone here is your “cousin”. You’re all related. No elbows on the table! And you better finish all your food on your plate! (so you get a clean plate club sticker of course- I collect mine because I’m the older of the family and I have a problem with not pleasing people)


The Menu Highlights: the sampler cause then you get to try everything. But mostly the fried chicken!!! (Which can be made Gluten Free if you ask on the right day *wink wink*)

Also love the milkshakes (+ you can buy shots of Baileys or Kahlua and make yourself a boozy shake)


The Hollywood Brown Derby

A classic!!

What we love about it: It’s classic Hollywood style and the fact that they have the best Cobb salad ever created. The wait staff are always fun and entertaining and kind.


The Menu Highlights: The Cobb Salad!! The Grapefruit cake. Their array of fancy cocktails that cost more than my utilities (heart eyes)





Round Up Rodeo BBQ
A new found favorite with absolutely impecable theming!!!

What we love about it: The Toy Story Theming is top tier. You can check out every bit of it in our VLOG right here!!


The Menu Highlights: The Pies are 10/10, The sides are really the stand out here. Street Corn, Fried Pickles, and Mac and Cheese. We love Salad options. Meat is mid-tier but like really not bad at all. Multiple sauce options!!!!!


Animal Kingdom



What we love about it: omg y'all this place is so yummy- the bread service holy sh!t also the lounge outside is called Nomad and we loooove seeing the characters go by on the river as we sit there or at the bar!

The Menu Highlights: Lobster Mac is sooo good. The bread service. The Churros (GF and regular :-) ) The food at tiffin's is soooo good. And pro tip- get a rez right after park close so you can stay late!

Tusker House

Breakfast: $45 per adult, $29 per child

Dinner: $59 per adult, $38 per child

Simba Waffles for BREAKFAST!!!!

What we love about it: The unique character dining experience!! The atmosphereof course.

The Menu Highlights: Buffet style so you can get a little of everything!! Breads and rolls are great. Roasted potatoes, braised beef, and green beans!!!


Check out our full breakfastreview here :)



Beaches and Cream Soda Shop @ Disney’s Beach Club Resort

My best friend and I love to say this is the restaurant that no matterwhat- we will go to if we find a reservation. Come hell, high water, or a fight where we haven’t spoken in 3 days, we are going to eat at Beaches and Cream.

And that actually happened- she and I had the worst fight of our entire friendship and still went to our Beaches Reservation not speaking to each other. But you know what, by the end of it, we were best friends again. True Story. #beachessavesbesties

What we love about it: ummm see above story ^^. Also it's so cute in this place! The cast is so fun, the atmosphere is great, and this place is one of the best on property!!

The Menu Highlights: French Dip (they have GF bread for every sandwich!!!) , Milkshakes, Tater Tots, The ultimate family sundae: The Kitchen Sink that uses a whole can of whipped cream.Say it with me folks, “A whole can?!”Scoops of Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies ‘n Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip topped with, Hot Fudge, Peanut Butter, SNICKERS® pieces, Fresh-baked Brownie, and a million toppings (mathematically accurate number).

Boma - Flavors of Africa @ Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Breakfast: 35 per adult, $21 per child

Dinner: $54 per adult,, $32 per child


What we love about it: The buffet that NEVER ENDS! You can see the animals on the savannah if you wanna walk around outside!


The Menu Highlights: This Corn Pudding that’s literally legendary, Roasted potatoes, African Spice Beef Striploin, and Zebra Domes.

California Grill @ Disney's Contemporary Resort

Lex's top pick!!! and honestly probably mine too omg.

What we love about it:Go to the top of the Contemporary and then try telling me that place isn't the best. Like there's very little about Contemp I'll hang around for (looking at u steakhouse 71 lounge), but i DO love the view at the top of the contemp. The fireworks??? Incredible. The bar??? Incredible.

The Menu Highlights:Goat Cheese Ravioli is Lex's top pick!! And I love the sushi.

I love a good dirty martini (extra olive juice iykyk)


Citricos @ The Grand Floridian Resort

Bro - this place and their fireworks view.

What we love about it:The Sutble Mary Poppins Details... The entire restaurant including the lounge area is absolutely stunning and we love the open concept kitchen where you see the culinary team prepping dessert. If you sit around 8/9 pm (depending on what time fireworks happen at MK) you have the most beautiful view of the show.

The Menu Highlights:Dude the Steak and Potatoes you cannot go wrong. They also provide the most fresh, warm bread and citrus enfused butter that will literally make you drool. It is absolutely delicious and if I hadn't ordered steak I would have literally just eaten bread and butter for my entire meal. (+ all of the desserts are yummy and shareable! also beautiful)


Grand Floridian Cafe @ The Grand Floridian Resort

LOL- if you ever can't find me.... I'm probably at the grand flo cafe. no joke. (cody is not bc he thinks its boring and hasn't changed- but if you don't live here and you're visiting- it is such a solid choice!!!)

What we love about it: Catch the Electric Water Pageant outside in the evening!!!

The best vibes! And a great price point for Disney.

The Menu Highlights: For Brekkie- We love the specialty coffee, the chicken and waffles are a 10/10. The hash brown casserole is my literal dream.

For dinner- we love the rolls!!! The fried Chicken is a 10/10, so is the burger!!


Hoop- Dee-Doo Musical Revue @ The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

You can check out ourfull review here!!!

What we love about it: The show!!! The ambience!!!! The refillable sangria!!!!


The Menu Highlights: Cornbread. Fried Food. Strawberry Shortcake!!!!

Olivia’s Cafe @ Disney’s Old Key West Resort


What we love about it: It’s so cute!!! OKW is underrated imo. Sorry cody- I know you don’t love her, but *I* do.

The Menu Highlights: The Fried Chicken (LOL can u tell what I get at every effing restaurant). Mashed Potatoes. Key lime tart is a 10/10.

They also have a GREAT brunch menu that just recently became available every day!!

(lex and cody if you read this soon can we go for staff team building to Olivia’s for brunch pls and thx)


Ravello @ The Four Seasons Resort

Cody T’s top pick. Fave of the faves. His birthday dinner choice every time.

What we love about it: The vibe at the four seasons is unmatched!!! Such a special place and it really is gorge.

The Menu Highlights: In Cody’s own words here’s what he’s ordering: “the focaccia to start, meatballs to start called the polpettine, the creste de gallo for dinner but i heard it's a goner, stracciatella for dessert”

Steakhouse 71

The refurb that the wave deserved.

What we love about it: The decor is so pretty I could just sit and stare at it all day. Literally just leave me here in the only part of the contemporary that I want to be in. also the lounge is gorge

The Menu Highlights: Breakfast is SO good- really good coffee.

Dinner- Steak of your choice. Mac and cheese. The Broccolini. BEST BURGER ON PROPERTY STAMP OF APPROVAL. Chocolate cake to die for.

Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago

"corn dip go dummy" - a radical text i received from cody when I asked him what I should eat here on my bar crawl. i'm getting this tattooed on me.

What we love about it: Say it with me friends ~ the vibes~ take a shot every time I say vibe. You won’t survive. So sorry lol rip you. But the VIBES! The fire places to sit at! You can see the EPCOT fireworks from here!! So calm and peaceful.

The Menu Highlights: Corn Dip is a LB staple. Churros (Both GF and regular), The Santa Maria Collins to drink for our friends who love Gin.


Topolino’s Terrace - Flavors of the Riviera

What we love about it: its the rooftop of the riv for god sakes!!!! We love this place wow.

So fancy (dress code required for dinner!) and nice and delicious!!! The breakfast is quite literally the ebay tasting character breakfast on property. I love it so much i’ve been dying to go back, get mimosas, and talk to Mickey Mouse about his inspiration behind all of his art work.

The Menu Highlights:

Breakfast- everything is SO good. We have areview here! (it is character dining for breakfast).

Dinner- Obsessed w/ the Gnocchi, the asparagus soup (try it before you judge!), and every entree we’ve heard has been divine (but I’m partial to the Filet Mignon of course)  

Trattoria Al Forno

My home away from home basically

What we love about it: the vibes and the closeness to the boardwalk + EPCOT. We love the quick walk to Abracadabar also!

The Menu Highlights: Breakfast- Steak and eggs!! Also the iced coffee is so bomb oh my god

Dinner- the best garlic cheese bread i’ve ever eaten in my entire life. A specialty wine menu with some real good picks. Shrimp Papardelle, Lasagna al Forno and Truffle Gnocchi are our top faves. 


Disney Springs

Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Bowling and Sushi? Weird combo- but I’ll try anything once.

What we love about it: The look I get when I tell people some of my favorite sushi at Disney World is served in a bowling alley.

The Menu Highlights: Cocktails. Absolutely bomb Sushi. (all of it. Every roll is good.)


Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

When i die have my wake here

What we love about it: The fact that this reservation is literally the most coveted behind Cinderella’s Royal Table lmao.

The Menu Highlights: Fried Chicken. Mashed Potatoes. Mac and Cheese. Deviled Eggs during brunch omg!!! Our Review ishere! It’s old but still holds up. The fact that the chef used to cook for Oprah!!!!


The Edison

What we love about it: the atmosphere with all of these unique lighting fixtures that will leave you totally in awe. The characters roaming about in full early 1900’s garb- fully ready to teach you about the origins of the light bulb.

The Menu Highlights: Yummy burgers, Good Fries, Magical and fancy cocktails that are SO fun and always unique. Also LOTS of whiskey if that’s your vibe. And if it is your vibe, call me.

And that concludes our coveted list of repeat-able restaurants in Disney World. There are MANY MANY MORE, but this one scratches the surface if your friends and fam are sit-down meal people!

Hope you've loved this list and if you loved this blog be sure to use code LOSTBROSBLOG for 10% off your next order on our site!!!