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Storybook Dining at Artist Point in Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Now open for reservations at Walt Disney World Resort is the all new character dining experience at Artist Point in Disney's Wilderness Lodge called Storybook Dining.

They've updated the interior of the restaurant to bring in a ton of elements from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, such as the tree branches that extend from the pillars and walls of the restaurant, lazy susans also made out of tree branches, napkins tied with autographed poison apples, storybook themed menus, and character meet & greets with Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy, and the Evil Queen.

For $55 per adult and $33 per child (under 10 years of age), you get to try every appetizer on the menu, a choice of one entree, and a sampling of all the desserts!

The Smoking Mirror | Johnnie Walker Black, Wildberry, Lime, Rosemary Smoke

Behold, the specialty cocktail that's got everyone talking! The Smoking Mirror not only tastes amazing, but the real highlight comes from how it is presented. The glass is delivered to your table upside-down and smoked with rosemary smoke. Your server will flip over the glass to reveal a puff of smoke and then proceed to pour in the whiskey which makes for a truly unique drink ordering experience!


Wicked Shrimp Cocktail | Soy, Miso, Avocado, Thai Chili, Greens

I have to be completely honest here, this shrimp dish was the only lowlight of the evening. The main downside is that you're only served one shrimp per guest and the flavor of the shrimp cocktail isn't anything out of this world amazing. It is, however, still very delicious!

Winter Squash Bisque | with Caramel Lollipop & Granola

Easily the best soup that I have ever tasted on property and honestly one of the best soups that I've ever had, period.

Hunter's Pie | with Chicken, Black Truffle, and Stone Fruit Preserve

The combination of all the flavors in the Hunter's Pie is perfect! The slight dryness of the pie pastry is cut by the preserves which were easily my part of the dish.


Royal Prime Rib Roast | served with Horseradish Mashed Potato, Hay Smoked Carrots, Popover, and Jus

The Royal Prime Rib is by far one of the biggest cuts of meat that I have ever received from a restaurant at Walt Disney World and for once the quality isn't sacrificed for quantity. All of the accompaniments of the dish paired with it incredibly as well!

"Cottage" Seafood Stew | Shrimp, Bay Scallops, Mussels, Tomato, and Fennel

A major complaint that I have always had about the seafood dishes available on property is that they never have enough fish in them, but the "Cottage" Seafood Stew available at Storybook Dining is packed full of shrimp, scallops, & mussels and to top it all off it's served atop a bed of the first rice that ever came to America.

A Stroll through Nature | Butternut Squash, Arugula, Gnocchi, Sage, and Parmesan

Cooked to perfection and full of flavor, you cannot go wrong with the gnocchi.


Fairytale Gooseberry Pie | Meringue & Gooseberry

The Fairytale Gooseberry Pie has some of the most well thought out ingredients and the cinnamon streusel crumbles that it's topped with really complete the dish.

Miner's Treasures | Sponge Cake, Chocolate Gems, and Buttercream Icing

If you've ever eaten a Wildberry Poptart when you were a kid, then the Miner's Treasures dessert will taste very familiar AND it's even topped with an edible version of Dopey's hat!

"Poison" Apple | White Chocolate-Apple Mousse w/ Sour Center

The final dessert that comes included with your meal is the "Poison" Apple Mousse. It's sour to the core and the perfect ending to this Snow White filled night.


Overall, the new Storybook Dining at Artist Point is nothing short of perfection. For the price, you get to experience one of the absolute best dining experiences on property complete with unique characters and an incredible menu. Character dining at Walt Disney World is notorious for delivering on the character experiences more than the quality of the food, but this truly is the best of both worlds! Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy, and the Evil Queen all take their time interacting with guests and as you can probably tell by now -- the food was spectacular. As a final treat, guests are even delivered a box of caramel popcorn and chocolate hearts by the "huntsman to enjoy on their way out!

Official Review: 4.5/5 Cody T Heads